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2-3 June 2021

Campaign Connect

As the dust from the pandemic begins to settle, businesses are entering uncharted territory and adland must adapt. But what do today’s consumers look like? How have they changed? What are their behaviours and demands?


Secure your on-demand pass to access all the Campaign Connect content and empower your marketing and brand teams with the knowledge on how to successfully engage with consumers, to maximise growth and revenue. The event was also developed in conjunction with Campaign’s exclusive third-party report into the industry to get both qualitative and quantitive data that you can use to bolster your organisational strategy, through survey data from across the sector.

What to expect

Connect brought a 2 day agenda, including discussion and debate from our three key regions, waking up in Asia Pacific, moving onto Europe and ending the day in the US.

All of our Connect content is available for ticket holders to dip in and out of at their leisure for a full 12 weeks after the event. Guests joined us on the day in the knowledge that if they couldn’t make every session, they wouldn’t be missing out.

What topics were covered?

Content Themes 2021:

Changing consumer demands and behaviours:

Businesses must cater to a new consumer in the post-pandemic world, communicating with audiences in new ways and responding to changing demands. We will look at ways to prepare for uncertainty and understand how today’s consumer has changed their habits and expectations.

Environmental sustainability:

In the post-pandemic world, brands are re-focussing on the issue of sustainability. We’ll explore some key regional case studies, examining the industry’s accountability to make real change and considering how to apply our learnings about virtual connectivity to reduce our carbon footprint moving forward.

The rise of eCommerce:

The future of brands and how they operate globally, featuring case studies from across regions to understand what consumers expect from online experiences and the future of trading in a more diverse and fragmented economy.


Direct-to-consumer marketing is making a huge impact on the global market, with challenger brands as a real force to be reckoned with. How much of this change is permanent and how can brands prepare for this new landscape?

Trust and purpose:

The rising demands of today’s conscientious consumers are putting meaningful advertising into the spotlight. Is this the answer to rebuilding trust with consumers across the ecosystem?

Why watch on-demand?

Hear from the leaders driving change in each region. We woke up in the Asian Pacific, made our way to Europe and ended the night in North America. Expect global speakers and insights delivered by Campaign’s renowned content teams in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York.

Global networking

Join your peers from across the globe at Campaign Connect with dedicated virtual networking spaces and opportunities to chat directly with marketing leaders in your region and beyond at a variety of different brands.

Incisive questioning

We believe that the key to a great conference is not just great speakers (that’s a given), but great interviewers. Moderators who know the difficult questions that really need asking and are not afraid to put them to our panellists and keynote speakers.

Global excellence

Connect provides a rare opportunity to learn from and celebrate great advertising and brand case studies from a variety of global markets. We bring the very best debate into the state of our industry from three separate continents.


Tickets go further with Connect, allowing guests to tune in and and learn from our expert speakers whenever suits them over the course of three months.

2021 speakers

More speakers to be announced soon…
Shelly Huang
Global VP of Branding & Creative, Gympass
Ronnie Yoked
Head of Experiential Marketing, Anheuser-Busch
Marvin Chow
Vice President, Global Marketing, Google
Mark Viden
Senior Vice President, Brand CommonSpirit Health
James Gregson
Creative Director, Digital – LEGO, Internal Creative Agency, Americas