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Singapore/Beijing: 14.00-18:00
London: 07.00-11.00
New York: 02.00-06.00 
14:00 – SGT 07:00 – BST 02:00 – EST

Asia – Chair’s Opening Remarks and leaders panel

Back to life as we knew it

One year ago, we all hoped we were on our way out of the pandemic and getting back to business, in offices and in travel. Normal did not resume and maybe it never truly will. But with vaccine programmes rolling out across Asia-Pacific and around the world, we’re getting closer to life as we ‘knew’ it.

In this opening panel discussion, Campaign Asia-Pacific convenes a panel of business and brand leaders for a pulsecheck on the industry.

Anita Kanal, Vice President Consumer Marketing, Visa

Anupriya Acharya, CEO South Asia, Publicis Groupe

Rhys Taylor, Managing Director APAC, gyro

Moderator:  Robert Sawatzky, Editorial Director, Campaign Asia-Pacific


14:45 – SGT

07:45 – BST

02:45 – EST

Building brands in e-commerce in Asia

Learn in 10

In Asia, not only has e-commerce exploded, it’s also significantly evolved from the early days of being a sales channel to become an all-encompassing e-business. 

In this keynote, P&G explores how brands are winning hearts, minds & wallets in e-business today – and the trends likely to further impact this ever-evolving industry tomorrow.

Alexandra Vogler, Senior e-commerce Director APAC, Middle East & Africa, P&G


15:15 – SGT

08:15 – BST

03:15 – EST

Keeping up with the rapidly changing consumer in Digital India


Reliance Jio has been at the forefront of developments in the digital landscape in India in the last 12 months. In this keynote, Head of Jio Creative Labs explores the consumer marketing and content trends driving rapid change in the market.

Aditya Bhat, Head of Jio Creative Labs, Reliance Jio


15:40 – SGT 08:40 – BST 03:40 – EST

Networking session break


15:55 – SGT 08:55 – BST 03:55 – EST

Behind the VS series with SK-II


Despite the on-going uncertainty surrounding the Tokyo Games, SK-II have continued to innovate and elevate their marketing. In this interview, Campaign Asia-Pacific speaks to one of the marketing chiefs about how they are navigating through all the uncertainty and some of the campaigns attracting attention from around the region and the globe.


YoeGin Chang, Senior Brand Director, Global SK-II


16:30 – SGT 09:30 – BST 04:30 – EST

Pandemic fatigue: Looking after the mental health and well being of the workforce

Keynote session

  • How can business leaders support and create a culture of understanding as business returns to normal?
  • How can organisations unleash the full potential of the workforce through empathy and human connection? 
  • Stress has been mounting. What learnings can we carry forward to ensure burnout is a thing of the past?

Rachel Burton, HR Director APAC, Facebook

Hannah Reidy, CEO, Mind Hong Kong

Moderator: Olivia Parker, Board Member, Mind HK


17:10 – SGT

10:10 – BST

05:10 – EST

Sustainability and our responsibility to change the course of Climate Change

Panel discussion and audience Q&A

  • We look at the ideas, initiatives and driving forces turning the tide on the Climate Crisis
  • What do brands need to do today to have real impact tomorrow?
  • How can we support each other better, and find collaborative approaches to address the biggest issues facing the world?

Christopher Nelius, Co-Founder, The Lion’s Share

Deepak Subramanian, Vice President Homecare, SEAA & Global Head, Fabric Enhancers Category, Unilever

Midori Paxton, Regional Adviser – Ecosystems & Biodiversity, United Nations

Christian Wiegele, EVP & President, Dole

Chair:  Eleanor Hawkins, Head of Events, Campaign Asia-Pacifc


17:55 – SGT

10:55 – BST

05:55 – EST

Global Plenary takeover


Singapore/Beijing: 18.00-19:00 
London: 11.00-12.00
New York: 6.00-7.00 

18:00 – SGT

11:00 – BST

06:00 – EST

Welcome from Campaign

Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign


18:05 – SGT

11:05 – BST

06:05 – EST

Consumer behaviours and trends

Campaign Insights

Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign

Greg Paull, Co-founder and Principal, R3


18:15 – SGT

11:15 – BST

06:15 – EST

Changing consumer behaviours in the post-pandemic world

Panel discussion

  • How do businesses prepare for the post-pandemic world, in the face of uncertainty? 
  • What do the 2020s hold in store for the marcomms industry in terms of delivering best-in-class consumer experiences?
  • How will businesses change the channels they use to communicate with their audiences?

Cheryl Calverly, CEO, Eve Sleep

Greg Paull, Co-founder and Principal, R3

Felipe Ambra, Global VP, Corona

Moderator: Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign


Singapore/Beijing: 19.00-23.00
London: 12.00-16.00
New York: 07.00-11.00

19:00 – SGT

12:00 – BST

07:00 – EST

Europe – Chair’s Opening Remarks and Fireside Chat Interview

What does effective and purposeful leadership look like in 2021?

  • Developing resilience in 2021: what recovery looks like for high street business
  • Driving real change and drive success in your organisation through effective leadership
  • Creating a successful brand and shaping it as a force for good

Laura Tenison, Founder and Managing Director, JoJo Maman Bébé

Kate McGee, Associate Editor, Campaign

19:30 – SGT
12:30 – BST
07:30 – EST

Networking session break


19:40 – SGT

12:40 – BST

07:40 – EST

Can global assets ever be right for your local audience?

Soapbox opinion piece

Nikki Vadera, Marketing Director, Henkel Foods

19:45 – SGT 12:45 – BST 07:45 – EST

Networking session break


20:05 – SGT

13:05 – BST

08:05 – EST

Building a genuine connection by creating a brand with purpose

Campaign Spotlight – case study with Q&A

  • Integrating purpose into all aspects of the organisation and the brand experience
  • Cultivating purpose through repetition and consistency in both communication and action
  • Demonstrating purpose through leadership so that it lives and breathes throughout an organisation

Leigh Barnes, CCO Intrepid Travel


20:30 – SGT

13:30 – BST

08:30 – EST

Visa’s “Where You Shop Matters”

Campaign Spotlight 

Thinking and acting local: how Visa turned purpose into action to help Small Businesses when they need it the most.

Adrian Farina, SVP Europe, Visa


20:40 – SGT

13:40 – BST

08:40 – EST

Networking session break


20:55 – SGT

13:55 – BST

08:55 – EST

eCommerce: The future of brands and how they succeed on the global stage

Panel Discussion

  • What changes have we seen? With vast acceleration in eCommerce trends across the globe, how does this differ between regions?
  • Supporting a much more diverse and fragmented economy: how much of recent change is permanent?
  • The rise of social commerce: how do we integrate this with customer experience and what does this mean for brands?

Andy Pilkington, Media Director, Europe Adidas

Matt Pollington, Director Digital and Customer Marketing, MADE.COM

Moderator: Viviane Paxinos, GM, UNiDAYS


21:30 – SGT

14:30 – BST

09:30 – EST

Networking session break


21:35 – SGT

14:35 – BST

09:35 – EST

Super-charging multichannel campaigns with programmatic OOH

In this session, we’ll uncover the opportunity for programmatic OOH, how it can be used to access multichannel spend and dollars and how it can be planned alongside other channels

Gavin Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer, VIOOH


21:55 – SGT

14:55 – BST

09:55 – EST

Networking session break


22:00 – SGT

15:00 – BST

10:00 – EST

Case studies: How are smaller, more nimble brands taking market share?

Ignite session

  • Cost-effective, personalized and innovative approaches to reaching target audiences
  • Gaining audience retention in the post-pandemic world: how to cut through to your audience for long-term brand loyalty
  • Nurturing customer loyalty and adapting to the evolving marketing landscape to maintain rapid growth

Shira Feuer, CMO, Trinny London

Oakley Walters, Global Marketing Director, Cult Wines Ltd

Assean Sheikh, Co-founder, CMO, Flavourly

Gideon Spanier, Editor in Chief, Campaign


22:45 – SGT

15:45- BST

10:45 – EST

Closing remarks


Gideon Spanier, UK Editor-in-Chief, Campaign


Singapore/Beijing: 23:00-03:00 London: 16:00-21:00
New York: 11:00-15:00


23:00 – SGT

16:00 – BST

11:00 – EST

US – Chair’s Opening Remarks and Fireside Chat Interview

Championing diversity, equity and inclusion: how much change are we really making?

With almost three-quarters of US adults arguing that brands have a role in responding to social justice issues, brands are under increasing pressure to create real change. A year on, what are we doing differently?
  • The importance of implementing greater transparency and accountability 
  • Engaging and thoughtful campaigns that are truly representative
Tiana Conley, VP, Kellogg’s

23:30 – SGT

16:30 – BST

11:30 – EST

The power of trusted first-party data

Fireside chat

As the cookie crumbles, the future of adtech is changing fast. We need to find ways to measure effectiveness using other forms of data, further increase the use of closed premium environments where first-party data is held, or turn our attention to focus on building brands online. 

But what does this look like in practice? What does the future of ad tech look like for a premium publisher and how can trusted 1P data be used to help build brands as well as deliver ROI?

David Minkin, VP Strategic Planning & Delivery and GM of The Exchange, WSJ  Barron’s Group

Gideon Spanier, Editor in Chief, Campaign


23:45 – SGT

16:45 – BST

11:45 – EST

Networking session break


00:00 – SGT

17:00 – BST

12:00 – EST

What is the purpose of brand purpose?

Panel discussion

  • Examining the difference between authentic and performative purpose
  • How much should brands be doing to address social justice issues?
  • Driving customer loyalty with a truly authentic brand message

Zara Mirza, Head of Global Marketing, GE

Catherine Davis, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Feeding America

Shelly Huang, VP of Marketing, Triplemint

Chaired by: Woozae Kim, CMO, InkBox


00:50 – SGT

17:50 – BST

12:50 – EST

Networking session break


01:00 – SGT

18:00 – BST

13:00 – EST

How to effectively drive engagement through multiple channels

Panel discussion

  • Attributing results to specific channels, engagement and messaging
  • Measuring the ROI and impact of investment in different channels
  • Where should I spend my marketing dollars?

Chiara Martini, Creative Strategy Director, Coca-Cola

Kerry Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer, PocketWatch

Janina Lundy, VP Marketing, Bet Networks

TS Kelly, Head of Impact, Carat


01:30 – SGT

18:30 – BST

13:30 – EST

Networking session break


01:50 – SGT

18:50 – BST

13:50 – EST

The future of social media platforms and brands that leverage them

Fireside chat interview

  • How will brands pivot and evolve with the changing popularity of key platforms?
  • The attention economy: how have platforms gamified consumer attention to maximise brand marketing and engagement?
  • Leading brands and how they are leveraging social media to engage with their audiences and maximise ROI of marketing spend

James Gregson, Creative Director, Digital, The LEGO Group


02:35 – SGT

19:35 – BST

14:35 – EST

Environmental sustainability: what can we do and why should we?

Closing keynote and Chair’s closing remarks

As the dust from the initial pandemic panic settles, brands are re-focusing on the issue of climate change and sustainability. 

  • Does the pandemic create a unique opportunity to pivot towards more sustainability-minded strategies?
  • Is the industry as a whole taking on the necessary responsibility to tackle climate change effectively?
  • Is your organisation ‘showing up’ for your consumers and communities to invest in sustainability?
Shuchi Sarkar, CMO, Creo

03:00 – SGT

20:00 – BST

15:00 – EST

Close of Day one 


Singapore/Beijing: 15:00-19:00 

London: 08:00-12:00

New York: 03:00-07:00


15:00 – SGT

08:00 – BST

03:00 – EST

Asia – Chair’s Opening Remarks and leaders panel

Consumer shifts, trust and shaping culture in Asia-Pacific

Consumers in APAC are more likely to choose a brand based on trust, over price and consideration*

  • With trust becoming more of a factor in purchasing decisions, how can brands ensure they are delivering on expectations and projecting values that are trustworthy and transparent?
  • How can brands be a positive force in shaping culture in APAC?
  • What are the demands facing brands in the years ahead, as trust becomes more essential?
  • How to effectively engage evolving consumer behaviours amongst audiences in APAC?

*Edelman 2020 Trust Barometer

Dominic Powers, APAC Head of Growth, Dentsu

Ken Mandel, Regional Managing Director GrabAds, Grab

Tina Pang, Head of Client Solutions Southeast Asia, Twitter

Nicola Eliot, Vice President, BBC StoryWorks

Rahul Sachitanand, Associate Editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific


15:45 – SGT
08:45 – BST

03:45 – EST

In five years, creative media will look nothing like it does today – and it’s already happening in Asia

Brand case study

Creativity follows culture. Its ethos and its speed. The cultural ethos of many Asian markets are changing more post 2000’s than in any other generation before us. And at a speed of a few years, not decades. Creativity simply follows. The Asian challenge is to accelerate the quality of the creativity while managing the speed of its execution and change. In this keynote, Kraft Heinz’s marketing lead for Asia explores this topic further.

Dhiren Amin, Chief Marketing Officer Asia, Kraft Heinz


16:10 – SGT 09:10 – BST 04:10 – EST

Networking session break


16:25 – SGT
09:25 – BST
04:25 – EST

Understanding semi-permanent changes in consumer behaviour


The move from the offline economy to online took off much faster than anyone expected. Change that was supposed to take place over a few years happened in just one. In this keynote, Facebook explores the trends driving the internet economy in APAC, both user growth and ‘spend’ growth. We’ll look at the notion of discovery, as the first point of entry and participation of consumers in this changing ecosystem.

Dhruv Vohra, Industry Director, Digital Natives & Technology, Facebook


16:45 – SGT
09:45 – BST
04:45 – EST

What does the data tell us about the Asian consumer in 2021?

Learn in 10

What do Asia’s consumers look like today? How have they changed? What are their behaviours and demands?

The session will identify three areas in which Asian consumers are quantitatively pulling ahead or diverging from the rest of the world; the embrace of gaming and the new worlds of the metaverse, the primacy placed on brands to afford status and exclusivity to boost their image and reputation, and how consumers are significantly more trusting of technology as a medical solution and means of optimising their personal health

Christopher Stephenson, Chief Strategy Officer, Omnicom Media Group


17:00 – SGT 10:00 – BST 05:00 – EST

Networking session break


17:15 – SGT
10:15 – BST
05:15 – EST

Future-proofing business and digital talent

Learn in 10

Skills in technology and digital are in-demand, as the media and marketing landscape continues to evolve. As we move through and out of the pandemic, digital skills will become even more important.

  • How can we reskill and upskill the workforce to meet the demands facing businesses?
  • How can we encourage much-needed digital talent into the industry?
  • How will technology transform industry roles in the future?

Laura Quigley, Senior Vice President APAC, Integral Ad Science

Jonathan Beh, CEO China, Matterkind

Juliana Chu, Vice President E-Commerce & Digital, Shiseido

Aziza Sheerin, Managing Director Asia, General Assembly

Moderator: Jessica Goodfellow, Deputy Editor & Technology Lead, Campaign Asia-Pacific


17:55 – SGT
10:55 – BST
05:55 – EST

Asia – Closing Remarks


Singapore/Beijing: 19:00-20:00 
London: 12:00-13:00
New York: 07:00-8:00 


19:00 – SGT
12:00 – BST
07:00 – EST

Shared learnings in leadership

Global Plenary Takeover

In this plenary session, leaders from around the world share their biggest lessons in leading their respective businesses through an unprecedented year of change and turbulence.

  • What is the one piece of advice you wish you had last year?
  • What are the biggest changes that have impacted your business?
  • What tough decisions have you had to make and how have they changed you as a leader?

Richard Oppy, VP, Global Brands

Pawel Krzysztofik, SVP, Global Nutritionals, Bayer Consumer Health

Gideon Spanier, Editor in Chief, Campaign


Singapore/Beijing: 20:00-23.00
London: 13.00-16.00
New York: 08.00-11.00

21:05 – SGT
14:05 – BST
09:05 – EST

Chair’s Opening remarks

New skills for today’s world: data and digital talent

Quick-fire case study with Q&A

  • How do I attract the people that will drive change & success?
  • How do I look beyond hiring to bridge the digital talent gap?
  • Balancing short-term fixes with long-term solutions to future-proof your workforce in a rapidly changing landscape
Isabel Massey, Global Media Director, Diageo

21:25 – SGT 14:25 – BST 09:25 – EST

Networking session break

21:30 – SGT
14:30 – BST
09:30 – EST

Attention for Creative Excellence: The neuroscience of consumer attention and what this means for marketers

Learn in 10 

Sorin Patilinet, Global Marketing Insights Director, Mars

21:40 – SGT 14:40 – BST 09:40 – EST

Networking session break

21:50 – SGT 14:50 –

09:50 – EST

Is consumer data the new currency of the marcomms world?

Panel discussion

  • Optimize ad spend and performance with higher levels of targeting, personalization, placement, and timing
  • Unpack data insights to maximise ROI for customer acquisition and retention for market share 
  • Securing your data to minimise risk to the operating environment by developing resilience
Robert Bridge, Chief Marketing Officer, Cinch
Chris Carter, Marketing Director, Specsavers
Yara Ohashi, Head of Digital Marketing for AMER and APAC, Getty Images
Steve Bignell, CEO, Publicis Media Exchange (PMX) UK
22:30 – SGT
15:30 – BST
10:30 – EST

Networking session break


22:35 – SGT 15:35 – BST 10:35 – EST

Why collaboration in sustainability is key to brand success

Closing keynote

  • Seizing the opportunity to lead the way through shifting and evolving our business
  • Increasing transparency with industry partners to address consumer demands and drive real change
  • The shared responsibility of brands, industry and consumers in creating a positive impact on people, communities and the planet

Gharry Eccles, Vice President UK & Oceania, Nestle


22:55 – SGT 15:55 – BST 10:55 – EST

Closing remarks w/R3 survey insights

Closing keynote

  • Seizing the opportunity to make real change and drive the agenda for a sustainable industry ecosystem
  • Managing risks across the value chain to achieve environmental sustainability targets 
  • Increasing transparency to address consumer demands and needs connected with climate change


Singapore/Beijing: 23:00-05:00 London: 16:00-22:00
New York: 11:00-17:00


23:10 – SGT 16:10 – BST 11:10 – EST

US – Chair’s Opening Remarks

Outlook for 2021 and beyond in adland


23:15 – SGT 16:15 – BST 11:15 – EST

Breaking through the wall of uncertainty with the right talent for the new landscape

Fireside Chat Interview

  • Navigating unprecedented and accelerated change with an agile and responsive workforce throughout the organisation 
  • Recognise the skills your organisation needs in this new landscape to drive business growth
  • Elevate your potential with the right talent management strategies and effective leadership practices that will maximise your success

Meghan Johnson, Head of Global Operations, Mondelez

Mea Cole Tefka, Creative Director, Mondelez


23:45 – SGT 16:45 – BST 11:45 – EST

Networking session break


00:00 – SGT 17:00 – BST 12:00 – EST

Digital acceleration: what have we learned in the past year?

Panel discussion

  • How much of our virtual learnings will we retain to change the future of work?
  • How do we accommodate the rapid change in real estate and working populations in the long-term?
  • How can we prevent a snap back to reality and improve the world we work in?

Guillaume Conteville, Senior Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, Mastercard

Lorna Sommerville, CMO, Function of Beauty

Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer, eos Products

Gemma Charles, Deputy Editor, Campaign


00:50 – SGT 17:50 – BST 12:50 – EST

Is purpose the answer to rebuilding trust with consumers?

Soapbox opinion piece

Marvin Chow, Vice President, Global Marketing, Google

00:55 – SGT 17:55 – BST 12:55 – EST

Networking session break


01:10 – SGT 18:10 – BST 13:10 – EST

eCommerce: What changes we have seen?

Panel discussion

  • The future of brands and how they operate across the world: what do today’s customers expect and demand?
  • What can we learn from eCommerce startup organisations to drive growth?
  • How much of the recent change is temporary? What changes can we expect to continue longer-term?

Ashley Merril, Founder, Lunya

Alissa Heinerscheid, Head of Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, Anheuser-Busch

Matthew O’Dowd, VP of Brand, Makespace

Moderated by: Gaston Legorburu, CEO and founder, GlueIQ


01:45 – SGT 18:45 – BST 13:45 – EST

Networking session break


02:00 – SGT 19:00 – BST 14:00 – EST

Creativity out of crisis: innovative virtual strategies to connect with consumers

Quickfire case studies
  • Delivering an effective and creative customer experience in the current landscape to maximise brand engagement and product trials
  • Driving creativity in the virtual space to connect with your audience online
  • Standing out from the crowd in an increasingly homogenous virtual events landscape
Mark Viden, Senior Vice President of Brand, CommonSpirit Health

02:30 – SGT 19:30 – BST 14:30 – EST

Generating human connection in the age of digital transformation

Closing quick-fire session and Chair’s closing remarks

  • Creative strategies for a personalised and authentic brand experience for your consumers 
  • Top tips for repositioning your brand to engage with consumers in unique, immersive and innovative experiences
  • Standing out from the competition with a creative edge and a spark of imagination to drive engagement and revenue

Ronnie Yoked, Head of Experiential Marketing, Anheuser-Busch

Joy Corso, Chief Marketing Officer, Vonage


03:00 – SGT
20:00 – BST
15:00 – EST

Close of Conference