Christopher Nelius

SpecialityCo-Founder, The Lion’s Share
Christopher Nelius is an Australian film director, producer and writer working in advertising, feature and series documentary, and drama. His first film writing gig was a documentary about the life of surfer Ross Clarke-Jones, narrated by Dennis Hopper. Christopher developed that idea further to co-create a documentary series for Discovery Channel (winning Astra and Asian television awards) and 3D feature documentary called Storm Surfers 3D, winning multiple international festival awards. Christopher has since moved on to work in directing commercials, being represented in Australia by FINCH. He has also written and directed the short drama Buoy, and short documentary The Hammerstone, along with his third feature documentary currently in production. In 2018, Christopher co-founded The Lion’s Share Fund, a UN-backed initiative whereby brands contribute money to conservation when they use the image of an animal in their advertising.