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Kristi VandenBosch
Kristi VandenBosch
President U.S.

Kristi oversees OLIVER’s business in the U.S., and serves on global teams that coordinate engagements across our clients’ regional offices.

A marketing nerd to her very core (her own admission), Kristi’s experience includes both agency and client-side roles, where she’s led brands through major digital transformations, helping re-imagine their products and go-to-market strategies in a brave new consumer-driven world.

In addition to leadership roles in MXM (now Accenture Interactive), Publicis, TBWA, and a number of other global agency networks, she designed and built the Digital Center of Excellence inside Revlon, spent nearly a decade as a creative director, teaches integrated marketing programs for the 4As and a number of universities, served as co-President of the board of directors of ThinkLA, as a board member and advisor to a bunch of other interesting companies, and has mentored founders of tech start-ups in incubator environments.

An early fan of combining creativity and technology in service of the customer experience, Kristi is a determined dot-connector, and so frequently finds herself stewarding multi-agency teams, bringing both integration strategies and good vibes to foster collaboration and alignment. She is also regularly asked to speak on matters of leadership, agency in-housing and outsourcing strategies, change management and the influence of technology on consumer behaviour.

Kristi is passionate about culture, both inside and out. A recent transplant to New York after 20 years in Los Angeles, she has fallen utterly in love with its streets, as documented here: https://www.instagram.com/kristivandenbosch/